2024-04-25 Documentation team meeting notes #122

2024-04-25 Documentation team meeting notes #122




Looks really nice! Looking forward to seeing some first PRs

Question: how can i evaluate nix inside of nix?
(Unofficial) Answer:

--store $PWD is a working solution for that case.

pkgs.stdenv.mkDerivation {
  name = "name";
  src = ./src;
  nativeBuildInputs = [ nix ];
  buildPhase = ''
    nix-instantiate --extra-experimental-features 'nix-command flakes' --eval --strict --json --store $PWD --show-trace \
      eval.nix --arg 'pkgs' 'import ${nixpkgs} {}' 

PRs to review

@infinisil should review those.


Question: Who can make (below described) edits to the Wiki?

Answer: User list - NixOS Wiki

Proposal to change wiki sidebar/menu

The main menu as well as the wiki landing page are not static. They need to evolve to reflect the content available.
Now this would be a good change:

@lassulus: Ping. Some of the wiki landing page: NixOS Wiki - NixOS Wiki there is some section with the following content:

Major page categories:

    Desktop - how to setup PCs
    Server - how to setup servers
    Community - people, communication, work on NixOS
  • This should be part of the sidebar. With links to these “Major page categories”

    • Reason: The advanced content of the wiki is organized via these 5 categories and can be found via clicks through these categories and sub-categories.
  • change „(Community) About Get_Involved Support” in main-menu/sidebar

    • Only commmunity as a link to keep the main menu small.

    • Reason: About/GetInvolved and Support can easily found as first clicks in Category:Community. The articles are dead ends (leafs).

Proposal: add wiki-news

Add a news item of the documentation team on the wiki landing page.

How to handle the Wiki(s)

„The NixOS documentation team encourages that it is important that neither wiki contains any disrespectful references to the other.“

We’d also encourage everybody to not delete any content of the “unofficial” Wiki for political reasons.

Illustration of the Problem: Difference between revisions of "GStreamer" - NixOS Wiki

Proposal to delete some pages

IRC:Cloaks - NixOS Wiki (no content, no links towards it)
Virtualization in NixOS - NixOS Wiki
Workgroup:Example - NixOS Wiki (not really needed, the whole workgroup part is strange anyway)

Proposal to change redirect of a page

Virtualization - NixOS Wiki should redirect to Category:Virtualization


@klinger just found the maintainer list: User list - NixOS Wiki

I suggest to anyone to do the wiki edits directly, if there’s no one obviously working on that material who may object to the general direction. First, that’s what the wiki is for. Second, I assume that currently most of its contents are not actively curated anyway (check the logs, I’d love to be wrong here).

The suggestions all seem uncontroversial. Please take action and responsibility.

I don’t think a collective stance on this is required, but I’d support the motion. Semantically the first statement as given is problematic though: I find it hard to appreciate an inanimate thing‘s work. I appreciate the work of countless people who have volunteered for many years though. I’d also argue it’s not necessary to qualify nixos.wiki as unofficial (even if it says that on the front page), as that needlessly draws a distinction with a connotation.

The facts could be stated on the official Wiki‘s history page dispassionately.

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