2024-05-14 Documentation team meeting notes #126


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i hope its okay to reply here as curious, but new person. I just read the notes and the PR for the how to guides and that you decided to not proceed with them. Would it be feasible to make a template instead of a how-to guide? This could provide some help to contributes without tying things down to much.

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The reason is that we currently don’t have all that much experience with guides and don’t know exactly enough what to expect from contributors to write it down concisely. We’re currently focused on just doing things together and making any progress at all.

yeah i can relate and understand this!

Thats why i thought a template would be easier. I dont think, you need to much in-depth knowledge to create a template, that could be beneficial.

If we already have some proper documentations or how to guides, that meet a certain standard, we could use them to boil down a generalized structure for the template.

if this is just at the bottom of the proprieties, i fully understand. just wanted to ask.

Thanks for the notes!

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