2024-05-22 Nix team meeting minutes #147

Attendees: @tomberek @roberth @fricklerhandwerk @Ericson2314 @proofconstruction
Notes: @fricklerhandwerk



  • @fricklerhandwerk: would like to re-iterate the last report’s proposal to pick one large issue (testing, layering, meson, …?) and finish it
  • @roberth: meta note on these meetings, we probably should double down on specialising
    • @fricklerhandwerk: agreed, please let’s take the proposal from a couple of weeks ago seriously and onboard more maintainers to share load in each of our areas of expertise
    • @roberth: should more clearly delineate interests, @fricklerhandwerk e.g. seems not very interested in pursuing fetcher
      • @fricklerhandwerk: not necessarily not interested, just not convinced it’s the right long-term path to take. I’d like to get convinced otherwise, but hard to get substantiated answers
      • @roberth: I wish we could go back in time around 2018 where dependency management was a hot topic, and where it wasn’t clear at all how to do all of that
    • @fricklerhandwerk: yes, then we could parallelise better and use these meetings to discuss changes that concern common issues such as architecture or general strategy
    • @tomberek: willing to have that discussion. if we can’t clearly separate via APIs, any attempt at non-trivial solutions becomes much harder. make the layers explicit and clear (rather than a wish or hope) and e.g. finish RFC134 in code and documentation and set up hard boundaries
    • @fricklerhandwerk: don’t have to wait for the hard boundary, would be enough to have people to work towards that together
  • @ericson2314: big issues would be testing, removing global variables, the configuration system
    • for the config, it may even be easier to do a huge breaking change and then building backwards compatibility
    • meson would be a good place to start though
  • @fricklerhandwerk: proposal: focus on porting the build setup to meson until it’s done
    - @tomberek and @ericson2314 can drop in for pairing, scheduled a meeting Friday next week (anyone is invited to join though)
    - only a couple of hours per week available, but can stick to it as long as it takes, as long as there’s a feedback cycle