2024-06-13 Nix teams gathering meeting minutes


Team Name/handle
Foundation board
NixOS release
RFC steering committee
Marketing @garbas
Nix team @tomberek
Documentation @fricklerhandwerk
Nixpkgs architecture


  • Survey review
  • Project review

2024 community survey

S3 Cache

  • @ron met with Amazon (original notes on Matrix):

    Quick Update, had a great chat with the Open Source Team at AWS who have provided us $9k/month credits for the past 12 months.
    They are open to refreshing for another year so myself and a few others will be working on writing up a report that will assist them in requesting the budget. If anyone is interested to assist, please reach out :slight_smile:

    In general the main action item is to write up a summary of:

    1. Success of Nix in the past 12 months (feel free to send me data or points)
    2. Explanation of Nix consumption growth of S3 due to usage and examples
    3. Any examples of Nix usage inside of AWS or AWS customers

    Also just a shoutout to the Infra team and @edef and a bunch of others for tons of work <3

  • Current plan:

    1. Start copying large objects to Glacier
    2. Generate proposal for deletion sets
    3. Create policy for restoration
  • update from AWS: extention

  • $20k allocated, but not claimed due to it devolving into a research effort.

StreamYard account

  • @garbas and @fricklerhandwerk have set up a StreamYard account usable by community members for streaming on the official channels
  • @hexa made live.nixos.org (Owncast) available again, so we also have a self-hosted open source alternative
  • currently only few people can access the StreamYard account because we can’t share the credentials
    • the log-in is via email code, and we’d have to share the email account
    • we’re delegating the extra seats to collaborators for streaming projects, such as recently Summer of Nix
  • @garbas: it would be nice to have a rotation, where once a month a community team holds something like a public meeting. ask marketing for access and onboarding!
    • @fricklerhanderk: recommend scheduling it ~2 weeks in advance so marketing can announce this on social media

Project updates

  • libnix/Windows
    • @Ericson2314 and @qknight (Google Summer of Code) are working on making Nix more like a library, portable to native Windows
    • @tomberek: it’s likely not getting finished this season, but it’s interesting to a lot of people
      • it’s a high-risk, high-payoff research project
      • hard to do piecemeal with lots of handovers
      • would be ideal to have dedicated people funded continuously
      • proposal: we could go to 4-5 companies who have expressed interest and let them fund this
        • @garbas: and additionally do a crowd-fundraiser to get public attention and market the result
        • @fricklerhandwerk: from experience with NGI, STF, documentation, Nix maintainers:
          • not enough to have small chunks of work (5-10h/week)
            • moves too slowly
            • people tend to get distracted
            • effort to follow up on loose ends up being as much as the work itself
            • hard to finish anything that way
          • part time 20-25/week is even worse
            • amount of work done and money at stake incurs management overhead
            • even harder to actually get someone committed, need complementary source of income
            • don’t have the budget for it anywhere at the moment
          • need full-time, but dedicated to a single thing
            • requires 2 people full-time + product owner/support
            • estimate given engineering salaries $400k/year (depending on GDP of country of residence) for any project you’d pick
  • TODO: provide team access to OpenCollective i.e. “official blessing” (Give Nix maintainers access to an Open Collective project · Issue #103 · NixOS/foundation · GitHub)
    • who has access and can make this happen? @ron?
  • nixpkgs-review, ofborg: no updates, stalled funding
  • NGI operational budget (35kEUR/year): still no decision
  • Conclusion
    • ecosystem suffers a number of sustainability issues and risks
      • lacking ability to make authoritative decisions
      • lack of official blessing makes it hard to collect serious funds
      • only small total number of experts to do meaningful things, need to match their salaries and stability of a proper job to get their attention
    • establish the operational needs for the next few months
    • review outstanding budget allocation and their expiration dates or deadlines
    • @fricklerhandwerk would like to reconvene with the current foundation board to help organise the operational transition, given two board members are leaving and we’re already extremely time-constrained to do anything at all
      • this should be a decision meeting, not a discussion meeting:
        • how to proceed with the NGI operational budget?
        • provide access to Open Collective
        • define ownership of the cache saving effort
        • how to proceed with the STF supply chain security project?

What does that mean exactly, @tomberek ? Use the 20K to pay the AWS bill?