22.05 Call for Release Managers and Editor

22.05 Call for Release Managers and Editor

We (@nrdxp and myself) will be needing a new release manager(s) for 22.05 and 22.11 release; you will need to work in co-operation with the community. The release process in NixOS is in a time of great change, so this is the perfect moment for someone who really wants to leave their mark. If you are interested, please reply here or get in contact with us.

With this release we are also looking to have an additional specified role for a Release Editor to focus on release notes and content for the homepage. This is a new role, but is part of the overall effort to improve our documentation and improve the on-boarding experience for new users.

Contact Info

Github handle Matrix ID
nrdxp @timdeh:matrix.org
tomberek @tomberek:matrix.org

We also on the community discord server, feel free to reach out with any questions or issues.

Why do we need a release manager? What to expect?

Being a release manager in NixOS is not a solitary experience. On the contrary, most of the difficulty is to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate to meet the needs of a dispersed community.

There should always be two release managers, where each release manager serves
for two consecutive terms/releases. With each new release the previous team gets to
appoint new managers. (what’s happening right now). This way, you always have the guidance of release managers who had the experience of releasing NixOS before. See the RFC for more details. As mentioned, releasing NixOS is in a time of change, expect the ability to improve it within our means.
Being a release manager means you will have greater impact to the NixOS community, and develop greater insight into the community as a whole. You can also view this as an opportunity to acquire some project management skills as well.

This last iteration we had two new release managers and that pattern was fairly successful. This involves more coordination, but also allows for more aspects of the release to be attended to and should result in a more robust process.


  • Commit Access to Nixos/Nixpkgs . A good portion of the work of a release manager is to review changes going into the release branch. And, some of the release tasks will require you to push directly to the repository.


Outside of ZHF, the “workload” is minimal, however, the month leading up to the expected release date will have a few periods where you may need to set time aside to complete release management tasks. The release process is now detailed on a dedicated wiki , thanks to @worldofpeace and @jonringer for doing the majority of the wiki work.

In general the responsibilities are:

  • Track blocking issues
  • Review PRs ( other committers well aide you with this )
  • Conduct stabilization (ZHF)
  • Perform release management task, listed here
  • Coordinate with other release manager about tasks
    • You will want to be able to contact the manager on a semi-regular basis.
  • Communicate release schedule and status with the community

The Editor’s procedures and responsibilities are not fully defined, so this would be an excellent role for someone who wants to help define what they are and take the position in new directions.


Having a stable release goes a long way to allowing commercial adoption of Nixpkgs and NixOS. For the long-term future of NixOS, these releases are crucial to its success.

I hope to hear from all of you. :slight_smile:


I had originally planned to become Release Manager for 22.05, but due to the expected changes in my personal and professional life during the same period, it would be safer to take on less responsibility. Therefore, I would like to take on the role of Release Editor for this release. And then go for bigger things in 22.11.


I was originally looking forward to jumping back in for this cycle, but I’ve had some unexpected personal circumstances arise that will take up a lot of my free time going forward, and I think the responsible thing to do would be to step down and open the door to anyone who might like a crack.

There are a ton of super talented individuals in this community who are far smarter than I am so I’m not worried about it at all, and hopefully when things settle I can start contributing more often again. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d also just like to say thanks everyone for the amazing opportunity. It was a fantastic experience last lifecycle, and I am proud to have been a small part of it.


Thanks for all the hardwork that you have done. We’ll be here once you’re able to come back :slight_smile:


If you want a release ‘janitor’ , rather than a manager, i’d probably tip my toe into the water and watch from the sidelines how this stuff works.

Maybe if i can’t get over my imposter syndrome, i’d step up and do it. I have a vested interested that this ecosystem, and new releases are top quality.

Whats the hours involved.

Depends on the time investment you want. But reviewing PRs is and will always likely be the bottleneck :slight_smile:

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IMHO the manager could work basically as a coordination point and not much beyond that, assuming many people would help with the related issues. Some of the managers did end up doing lots of such work themselves, but I personally don’t think that’s their main task.


Hijacking this thread a bit, but I think this may be relevant for the upcoming release:
What is the planned default Nix version for 22.05?
In case the Nix version bump brings breaking changes, there should be a guide to switch 21.11 systems to the newer Nix version as an intermediate step before doing the full upgrade.

nix.package = pkgs.nix_2_3

… or whatever other branch is available. On 21.11 I only see _2_3 (default) and _2_4 whereas unstable/master defaults to _2_6, so ATM it will be easier to do it the other way – use same Nix version on newer NixOS.


So for 22.11 we might have a jump from _2_3 to _2_10 (or sth. around that version).
Depending on how Nix evolves, it is probably wise to put such a transition on the roadmap for the lifecycle of 22.05.


Back to the RM topic: I’d like to apply (is that what it’s called) to the RM position.
I have experience with many obscure parts of nixpkgs, know some amount of people involved in the project, have the commit bit, and probably enough time for handling the release.


I would like to do Nix 2.3 <-> 2.?? cross version testing before the release. We want to make sure upgrades go smoothly with daemons/remote stores.


Months ago I was running 2.3 daemon with 2.4 user-space, in an attempt to get new commands/flakes while using “stable core”, and it did suffer from some minor issues compared to using 2.4 for both, but certainly nothing that would stop an upgrade.

Was that bug fixed that somewhere in the 2.4 release cycle came up that you couldn’t connect to remote builders running on 2.3? I eventually gave up and convinced the remote builder to also use 2.4.

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I think you mean this? nix-store 2.3 incompatible with nix-daemon 2.4pre · Issue #5299 · NixOS/nix · GitHub

Congratulations to @das_j and @Mic92 as the 22.05/22.11 Release manager and editor respectively. (and @nixinator as self-appointed janitor? :wink: )

There is still room and time for additional nominations as it is good to have extra people in case of unforeseen events, so don’t take this as the final list if you are interested in participating.

I look forward to working with with these everyone to ensure a smooth release. And as always, much appreciation is given to those who contribute daily to nixpkgs.


Is there some (matrix) channel, where the release team coordinate?


I’ve seen this one in use: https://matrix.to/#/#nixos-release-management:nixos.org