22.05 Retrospective


To have a discussion around the stable release, and how to improve the process. This will be very similar in intent to the last retrospective.


We will hold a 1 hour meeting to facilitate questions and have a discussion around what didn’t work well and how to improve. The issues will likely be time-box’d (5mins initial discussion, with 2 minute extensions) to keep pace of discussion going and not end up just talking about one topic the entire time. (This is a rule-of-thumb, but the exact protocol is subject to change, Aaron just found timebox’ing to be much more effective in real-life and in retrospective meetings).

Topics should be categorized into 3 sections:

  • What went well?
  • What do you feel neutral about?
  • What did you feel negative about?

I will aggregate topics from this thread, (if i can find a decent tool) participants will be able to vote for 3-5 (depending on number of topics) topics that they would most like to discuss, and proceed with time-boxed discussion. If we don’t discuss a particular topic you were interested in, this doesn’t mean it wasn’t important, we just didn’t around to it in this meeting. If we find these meetings to be super-productive, then we may hold additional meetings.

The desired outcome is to have some “action items” which can improve the next NixOS release.

When / Where ?

Jitsi, URL TBD.

When, 2022-07-08T17:00:00Z


Anyone who attempted to contribute, contributed, uses, or has valuable feedback on the 22.05 release.

Policy for this Discourse thread

Please feel free to add anything to the following topics in a post:

  • What went well?
  • What do you feel neutral about?
  • What did you feel negative about?

You can also start a discussion to other peoples posts, however, if a particular topic warrants it’s own thread, then it should probably be moved into it’s own thread. I would like to mainly keep this thread focused on discussion topics for the retrospective meeting.

Things that changed

This is a short list of things I know changed in this release cycle regarding the release, not regarding nixpkgs. Maybe this is an inspiration for feedback.

  • First release with a Release Editor
  • Schedule on GitHub rather than Discourse
  • https://zh.fail (although with issues and I didn’t have time to fix them during this cycle :confused: )
  • Mass marking of broken packages, still releasing on time with (hopefully) minor related regressions
  • Tons of Release Wiki (mostly not important to most of the community but it makes the process more clear I hope)

cc @aanderse @Mic92 @hexa


In terms of release notes, I would love it if I could link to each specific item.

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