22.11 Call For Release Manager And Editor

The upcoming 22.11 NixOS release will be needing a new release manager and a new release editor. You can find more information about the Release Manager on the Wiki, but the task boils down to coordinating the community during the release phase, ZHF in particular.

The release editor, which will be the second release editor after @Mic92, will focus on release notes and content for the homepage as part of the overall effort to improve documentation.

If you are interested but still want more information, you can reach out to the me and other Release Managers from previous releases in the corresponding Matrix room.

Why do we need a release manager? What to expect?

Being a release manager in NixOS is not a solitary experience. On the contrary, most of the difficulty is to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate to meet the needs of a dispersed community.

There should always be two release managers, where each release manager serves
for two consecutive terms/releases. With each new release the previous team gets to
appoint new managers. (what’s happening right now). This way, you always have the guidance of release managers who had the experience of releasing NixOS before. See the RFC for more details. Being a release manager means you will have greater impact to the NixOS community, and develop greater insight into the community as a whole. You can also view this as an opportunity to acquire some project management skills as well.


Commit Access to NixOS/Nixpkgs. A good portion of the work of a release manager is to review changes going into the release branch. And, some of the release tasks will require you to push directly to the repository.


Outside of ZHF, the “workload” is minimal, however, the month leading up to the expected release date will have a few periods where you may need to set time aside to complete release management tasks. The release process is now detailed on a dedicated wiki.

In general the responsibilities are:

  • Track blocking issues
  • Review PRs ( other committers well aide you with this )
  • Conduct stabilization (ZHF)
  • Perform release management task, listed here
  • Coordinate with other release manager about tasks
  • Communicate release schedule and status with the community

The Editor’s procedures and responsibilities are not fully defined, so this would be an excellent role for someone who wants to help define what they are and take the position in new directions.


Having a stable release goes a long way to allowing commercial adoption of Nixpkgs and NixOS. For the long-term future of NixOS, these releases are crucial to its success.

I hope to hear from all of you. :slight_smile:


I would like to fill the role for release manager. I’ve been close to the release process for a while now and I think this is a good opportunity to take on some more responsibility and learn from it.


Woo! @hexa for 22.11! :fireworks:


I would like to fill the role as release editor. I feel like the release notes can be improved a lot, and I’d be happy to work on this.


As the previous release editor, I would like stay involved in current release notes editing and help handing over the process to the new release editor.


Looks like we are in a great position here with people who applied for all relevant roles without conflicts and I see a lot of Discourse hearts on the respective responses :slight_smile:

So congratulations to @hexa, @winter and @Mic92 for being the 22.11 Release Manager, Editor and Editor.

I look forward to working with with you to ensure a smooth release :slight_smile:


Release schedule will be kept up to date at:

(I suppose this is a good topic to link from and bump up.)


is it up to date / who will keep it up to date ?

Seems to be pretty up to date to me and if you take a look at the edit history then mweinelt is keeping it up to date but any other person involved in the release process can also update the issue.


well, up to date could be seen with relative perspective ? … but that fine (for me) …

Keep in mind that it is a calendar. The check marks are only a visual aid and I might need a day or two to catch up sometimes.