24.05 no HDMI audio


Hoping someone might have an idea what is going on.

I have my computer that I will sometimes move to the living room and plug it into a 5.1 home theater system through HDMI.

On 23.11 and before that there are no issues, but once updating to 24.05 NixOS can’t detect the HDMI audio output to my home theater. It does detect HDMI audio on my monitor though and headsets work fine.

If I rollback to 23.11 it works fine on the home theater system and I haven’t changed any settings.

I’ve tried changing audio settings to use Alsa, Pipewire, and PulseAudio and none of them seemed to work. I’m not sure what else to try so if anyone would have any ideas I’d appreciate it.


Well I just tried a different HDMI port on the receiver and now it works