A list of Summer of Nix 2022 matrix channels

This is an (incomplete) list of matrix channels that we use in the Summer of Nix space:

link to join the Summer of Nix matrix space: You're invited to talk on Matrix

  • SoN - guests (https://matrix.to/#/#son-guests:matrix.org): A public lounge for people with an interest in the overlap between the Next Generation Internet initiative and the Summer of Nix. E.g. a good room to add external developers.
  • SoN2022 - admin (private): this is for the admin team
  • SoN2022 - general (private): general on-topic discussions within Summer of Nix
  • SoN2022 - off topic (private): talk about anything
  • SoN - lecture series (https://matrix.to/#/#son2022-lectures:matrix.org): a room to discuss the public lectures.
  • SoN2022 - tech questions (private): get tech help from other participants and tech wizes
  • SoN2022 - team AI (private)
  • SoN2022 - team EU1 (private)
  • SoN2022 - team EU2 (private)
  • SoN2022 - team AM (private)
  • SoN2022 - Jitsi project
  • SoN2022 - Dream2Nix project
  • SoN2022 - documentation stream
  • SoN2022 - BANG project
  • SoN2022 - website
  • SoN2022 - mob programming
  • SoN2022 - infra
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