A Nix Flake for Black Box GTK 4 Terminal

Hi folks, just a small announcement that I’ve put together a nix flake for Paulo Queiroz’s GTK-4 Terminal called Black Box.


  1. It currently uses a nixpkgs fork in order to patch vte with gtk4 support. See this issue.
  2. It only ran successfully the first time I managed to successfully build this! I’m not sure what’s going on here, but consecutive runs have resulted in a GLib assertion getting triggered. See this issue. Edit: It turns out I was lucky on the first run. It has worked since, but seems to segfault 95% of attempts to run it.

This is one of the first GNOME apps I’ve really tried to package, so I could be missing something that’s causing the GLib issues. If anyone can share ideas on how to address 2., that would be greatly appreciated.

In general, if anyone else is interested in this app and improving the flake, contributions are more than welcome.

Hoping to upstream this to nixpkgs once the two aforementioned issues are solved, though I haven’t looked into contributing flakes yet (just a few legacy pacakges).