A senior/midlevel devops colleague wanted!

I currently work for small blockchain team in Berlin, and the assignments and tasks I have on my table are too much for single person atm. And before the management resorts to finding recruiters, I’d love to try my luck here with the nixos community.

What you’d be doing:

  • getting hands on with multiple projects as you feel fit without anybody standing over your shoulders
  • provisioning decentralized blockchain nodes from Hetzner using nixos with declerative config (which is partly impure, but we could improve that)
  • help making sure aws stack doesn’t break as the traffic continues to increase
  • help setting up content auditing system (rabbitmq/kafka+ECS (or we set up something else, you can help in making architectural decisions))
  • help setting up new “web3” gateway written in typescript, uses graphql and is deployed using nix/nixos (btw I’d love to move from yarn to node2nix on that one).
  • operations, as in, verifying complaints from users, writing alerting systems, setting up log services and metrics (grafana, cloudwatch, papertrail, loggy).

Other good stuff:

  • if you need equipment, we get it, it’s never an issue
  • you are not heterosexual white man? Don’t worry, neither is half the team
  • you want longer holidays, don’t worry, we’ll help you on get more on top of the 28 days you’ll have for free

If you are jack of all traits type of developer who’s hungry for success and above average compensation, and dislike micro-management then write me an email to my personal mailbox at: hlolli@gmail.com
please include your github profile (or links to projects (or nix expressions) which you have contributed to).

ps. location in berlin is plus and not a must (if you live on the other side of the planet, it’s a plus in a different way)

Best wishes, stay healthy

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