A web UI for the nix store (early beta)

I’m working on an open source, nix-based CI system called Gorgon, and one of the components of that is a web UI for the nix store - right now, it just shows you derivations and logs, but in the future, it’ll be able to show live logs and builds as well.

With the latest nixpkgs-unstable, you can install it with:

{ pkgs, ... }:

  systemd.packages = with pkgs; [ nix-web ];

  systemd.sockets.nix-web = {
    socketConfig.ListenStream = "[::1]:8649"; # 8649 = 8000 + "NIX".
    wantedBy = [ "sockets.target" ];

…and then look up a derivation: http://localhost:8649/nix/store/giidrg634mmaz212a21g34z1zaswl7qs-nix-web-0.1.0

This is an early beta, the code is a bit messy right now, and rendering a derivation with a lot of dependencies is currently very slow - but I have something in the works to fix that.

Feedback appreciated, either here, in our IRC channel: #gorgon-ci on hackint, or via Matrix: #gorgon-ci:hackint.org.



Really cool! (I took it for a quick spin when I saw the nixpkgs PR.)