AARCH64 iso not bootable on a Raspberry pi 4

Hi all,
I’m trying to set my rpi4 with NixOS but I’m not able to use the iso file because it is not bootable.

Everytime I take the file from the download page I get an error with Balena Etcher which says it’s not bootable.
I made a test in getting the x86 iso file and this version is well recognized as bootable…
What can I do ?

I’m not sure etcher is made for non-x86 images. Just press continue and see what happens when you put the SD card into the Pi.

Which image are you using?

I use nixos-minimal-22.11.740.7a6a010c3a1-aarch64-linux.iso
I’ve never seen such warning from Balena: I’ve made some tests from Fedora and their iso was bootable with Balena.
I use an usb stick to boot but I will test will a sd card but I guess it doesn’t change anything.

The raspberry pi does not support UEFI. Please follow NixOS on ARM - NixOS Wiki