About a recent moderation action post on Discourse


We recently posted about a moderation action on here. We did it for transparency reasons, but I agree with some of you that this has become an unintentional public shaming. I’m sorry about that and I apologized to the person the action was about personally. I’ve hidden that post, and we will publish further moderation actions here.



Can we get some links to related threads in which these actions were taken?

Out of context, they read “We didn’t like how they behaved, so we are not allowing them to participate”.


I also have no idea what’s going on and also don’t really want to know.

However, I wanted to add that in my opinion it is not such a good idea that the people issuing the ban also write the reason for the ban (which reads like an affront). (I mean, what if you apply for a Nix job and then something related to you is on this page, ouch.)

I am also not a fan of hiding threads nor posts. (Did I say this already :smiley: ). It feels like censorship. We can delete our own posts ourselves.

I hope all turns out well!

EDIT: I just reconsidered my comment about hiding/deleting posts. There are, of course, a few reasons when a post should be deleted, if the author is not willing to do so herself.

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I have not been involved in the community for a good while now (nor the recent drama) but this sounds very uncharacteristic of Graham and I can personally vouch for him being very welcoming, encouraging and in my eyes being one of the reasons the community grew to the size it is now.


Ah sorry, forgot what kind of place this is. My post was flagged and hidden. You can’t speak your mind or whatever

Such a highly opinionated individual who is unable to take outside information in should not have a position on almost every team of the entire Nix project.

This is becoming a joke project very quickly.

You are of course entitled to hold any opinion you want, but this isn’t really a constructive way to address whatever issue(s) you may have with other individuals or the project in general.

We (as a project) absolutely need a “conflict resolution” process (for almost any definition of conflict) which is where the efforts should be directed IMHO.