About Native binary~*

I have high hopes and expectations for this hacking effort. -.- Simultaneously with the use of single-mode sudo (although thats OS privileges anyway, hackers want to break through security and put the technology they want into our hands).
I hope the way to sudo manualy mode and automate mode as the internal keychain (security technologies that I don’t know about) will be successful all.
so i like simply single user mode. The reason is that the nix is all parodied in the same config.nix and the environment.
at a later date I hope that the nix will be executed to the inside of Msys2 or cygwin so that the nixos will be the native (no vm) ruler.

Docker for the past 10 years (I’ve been heating up the vm… and now I’m trying to open the door of the matrix to the web with wasm. For the next 10 years, the vm in the browser (something like docker seems to pop out) nix is ​​native and I see it as a product of the future of unix and the resistance of vm.

For example, in the homebrew combination or ms window, the purpose is to handle access from wsl to the c:/program-files path. Of course, the reason is to remove the restrictions. I installed graalvm for windows, on the nix store in wsl & nix a few months ago, ran it, and used it. It worked fine. If it can reduce the compile time, if that can reduce the time spent on the computer and installation time in the oneshot… It seems that only nix has no answer. happy happy 2020~*