About the license of `ibmcloud-cli`


The package ibmcloud-cli is marked with the license Apache License 2.0, which is at face value true according to their release page on github. However like you can see, this is only a release page that provides binaries, and there is no source code to be found. See issue 162, issue 156, issue 104.

To my understanding, since there is no source provided, it is the binaries themselves that are licensed under Apache 2, and not the source.

I doubt that personally I would consider this “free software”, but at the very least, it is different from what my expectation would be for software licensed as Apache 2, since it is clearly not open source.

I suggest it would be marked somehow differently with regards to the license. Probably marked unfree as well, though it’s not absolutely clear to me if it is indeed so.

The tarball contains the following license text:


The Programs listed below are licensed under the following License Information terms and conditions in addition to the Program license terms previously agreed to by Client and IBM. If Client does not have previously agreed to license terms in effect for the Program, the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs (Z125-5589-05) applies.

Program Name (Program Number):
IBM Cloud Command Line Interface (Tool)

The following standard terms apply to Licensee's use of the Program.

Prohibited Uses

Licensee may not use or authorize others to use the Program if failure of the Program could lead to death, bodily injury, or property or environmental damage.


So it’s just unfree and the license is wrong. I suggest filing a nixpkgs issue or PR.

Yeah I guess I should have just went for an issue in the first place. I created one now - Issue #321992.