Academic Research Engineer (in France): Packaging and Continuous Integration for Supercomputers

We are looking for candidates with a Master’s degree, Engineer’s degree or PhD in computer science, junior or senior, to join a team responsible for the packaging, deployment and testing of supercomputing libraries for supercomputers.

Our packaging strategy is centered on the open source tools Guix, Nix and Spack.

Job is located at Grenoble or Bordeaux or close to Paris in France

For detail got to: 2023-06635 - Research Engineer CNRS: Packaging and Continuous Integration for Supercomputers (Grenoble/Bordeaux/Saclay)


@augu5te could you explain the reasoning behind using both Guix and Nix? Which advantages does each have for your workflows? I noticed that Guix is used in lots of HPC environments (in France at least), and I’d like to understand why.

There ar not strong technical reasons, as you know Guix and Nix are conceptually equivalent (functional package manager).

In my HPC university facility we already propose Nix and Guix (and also Spack)… and as you noted the Guix people are very active in France and are doing a very good work (code, blog, articles, workshops)… and well the initiator of Guix is french :wink:

Also beside this project, we use Nix and NixOS to studies all kind of distributed systems w/ the help of Grid’5000 testbed platform and NixOS-Compose tool (code, article)…