Activating step by step GUI wizard

I’m following the instructions at NixOS 23.11 manual | Nix & NixOS to create an installable live image for a MacBook.

The default live image to test and run NixOS includes a step by step GUI installer (or at least I think it does, see NixOS 23.11 manual | Nix & NixOS).

However the step by step wizard isn’t available and I don’t know what to look for it on the image.

How can I get step by step installation wizard in my custom image ISO? I have followed the instructions for both guides to the letter.

That step by step GUI installer is called I think what you probably need to do is import installation-cd-graphical-calamares-gnome.nix instead of ./installation-cd-graphical-gnome.nix.

That did the trick, thank you.

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