Add Gnome media key OSD

Hi there,

On my nixos/gnome install (new hardware), I do not get any visual feedback on the press of items like my media keys, brightness adjustments, etc.

Is there a specific package needed for that? Or is that hardware-specific? Thank you.

I think it might be hardware/kernel version specific. Someone reported keyboard brightness OSD not displaying for them on NixOS, while they saw it on Fedora.

There should be no extra packages necessary, gnome-settings-daemon should handle it. I can at least get audio volume change notification when I press they volume keys on my keyboard.

OK, interesting to know. I appreciate the feedback.

The funny thing is, I had it on my old laptop with the same Nix configuration. The fact that it “used to work” is why I was wondering if an additional package was potentially needed for the new hardware.

OK, I figured it out. I had the gnome extension (just perfection) and enabled OSD via my config. But I had not yet applied that setting when I was testing on the new laptop.