Add JetBrains 'dotUlitimate' package?

We’ve been using the NixOS JetBrains Rider package on our project — works like a charm — however, it lacks some additional tools and plugins that we need.

JetBrains now offers the DotUltimate , which includes a number of plugins including dotProfile, dotCover, etc.

Is there a chance that the dotUltimate package can be added? If so, do you know how I can go about getting this package added? How long might it take to get it added? Etc.


P.S. We’ve checked the main NixOS packages, and it doesn’t appear to be supported yet.

As far as I can see, there’s nothing more to package.

Rider is packaged and contains the ReSharper/dotCover/dotTrace/dotPeek/dotMemory plugins. The standalone programs of those plugins only run on Windows, so there’s nothing to package.

In other words: The DotUltimate “product” is Windows only, its constituents are part of Rider, and that is already packaged.

If I missed something, feel free to point it out.

Thanks for looking into this question. It’s good to know that all the plugins are included. I will follow up with JetBrains and see what I can find out.

Perhaps it is as simple as purchasing a ‘DotUltimate’ license. We shall see.

Rahi – I was contacted JetBrains and they did confirm that JetBrains Rider for Linux does contain all of the dotUltimate plugins (dotCover, dotTrace, dotPeek and dotMemory) – as you stated – you simply need to buy the appropriate license.

I purchase a dotUltimate license and activate the dotCover and dotTrace plugins, however, the dotPeek and dotMemory plugins do not appear to be available when viewing plugins screen via Rider->Settings->Plugins menu and searching for ‘dot*’.

JetBrains directed me to download and install these plugins directly, however, your previous reply indicates that all these plugins are packaged into the NixOS JetBrains.rider package – can you confirm?

If they are packaged in, any thoughts on why they would not show up within JetBrains Rider like all other plugins?

Thanks again for your help figuring this all out!

You can access dotPeek from the “Assemblies” pane in the explorer on the left, for example by using the open button there, or from the code editor by pressing F12 on a symbol you don’t have the source code for:

dotMemory i’m not sure how to access from Rider - I’ve never used it. But it is installed (at least on nixos-unstable, I currently do not have an easy way to verify on nixos-22.05):

Raphi – Interesting, so I’ve been using ‘dotPeek’ without knowing it; that is tapping the F12 button on a symbol to investigate library source code. Thanks for clarifying.

Question, the fix you pushed to fix the symbol server thus allowing ‘dotCover’ to work – is that fix in the unstable repo? I’m still using you’re recommendation to load the package

 (pkgs.jetbrains.rider.overrideAttrs (old: {
      postPatch = old.postPatch + ''
        interp="$(cat $NIX_CC/nix-support/dynamic-linker)"
        patchelf --set-interpreter $interp plugins/dotCommon/DotFiles/linux-x64/JetBrains.Profiler.PdbServer

If so, perhaps it makes more sense to switch over to the ‘unstable’ repo to pick up your previous fix and gain access to the ‘dotTrace and dotMemory’ plugins.

Btw, I have not used these plugins up to this point either, but given we bought a license for them, I wanted to ensure we got what we paid for.

Many thanks for all your help. Maybe someday I will be able to make a contribution to this community. :slight_smile: