Add new application


I’m looking into adding an electron app which happens to release appImages.
I’ve seen a few applications in the nixpkgs which seem to make use of app image, so would it be preferable to make use of the appImage rather than getting the source from git? Is there a rule of thumb?


generally it’s preferable to use source, but it’s usually more work.

using an appimage is fine, if that’s what you’re asking.

ok thank you!

I’ll try using source first, and fallback to appimage if I fail :slight_smile:

Update: I couldn’t get it to work using source because even when using nodetonix one of the libs (electron I think) seemed to want to access github during the post install :confused:

thankfully using the appImage facilities just worked

I’ve created a nix file for the package and installed it via nix-env -i -f ./default.nix but the kde menu thingy does not seem to pick up the .desktop file, is this expected?

It depends how the app image provides the desktop file, you can search in many examples in nixpkgs to make your own desktop icon (also, you usually have to start a new graphical session to find new icons)

And that’s a real shame that projects providing docker images or appimage usually omit to provide a decent guide on how to build their stuff from source…

It provides one which I ever so slightly tweaked.
Ah ok thanks, I though I remembered installing some packages before which immediately showed up but I might be mistaken then.

Ah, when installing it via nixos-rebuild the .desktop does show up, I guess it must do an xdg-desktop-menu update or something…

I’ve finally raised it here.

I had some issues with ofBorg failing to eval the PR which seem to have been fixed by adding the version to the package name?
Is this documented somewhere I might have missed?

Thank you