Add path from the nix store to service configuration during build

I tried to do a service module for mautrix-whatsapp which is a bridge between Matrix and WhatsApp but the binary of mautrix-whatsapp generate a file called registration.yaml that I must reference in the matrix-synapse service.
I don’t know how to do this for my service.

Is someone can help me ?


Assuming you’re refering to the registration.yaml file generated by mautrix-whatsapp:

I’d consider this file state of the mautrix-whatsapp service, so it would live in /var/lib/mautrix-whatsapp/registration.yaml.

synapse already provides a way to configure app_service_config_files, so your mautrix-whatsapp module would only need to set services.matrix-synapse.app_service_config_files = ["/var/lib/mautrix-whatsapp/registration.yaml"];

How can I add a path in my configuration.nix that is generated during the build of my service ?