Add unstable options to stable install

Good evening guys!

I have tried to use the unstable options for the nvidia GPU, I was hoping to use the prime offload feature.

I have found that I could import the module from nixos-unstable, I did import the module of nvidia.nix but it complains about not having the module nvidiaWayland.

I have found out that it is an options from gdm. Importing gdm made nix complains that the gdm.nix is already imported for some reasons…

Thank you for the help you may provide! I love this distro so much guys… good job!

since stable channel also have the gdm module, you should use disabledModules to disable the one from stable

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Ok nice! I will look into it!

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If you’re using nvidiaWayland in gdm, I’d like to know if it works for you.
(I’m guessing you’re trying Issues with GNOME 3 and Nvidia EGLStream · Issue #75131 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub)
Though if you’re trying to use it from stable, we had to change how packages were built so it probably won’t work.

@worldofpeace it built but I wasn’t able to start XFCE.

Hmm, I don’t I have an idea of what you were doing then if it involved XFCE (xfce doesn’t have wayland).