Adding bash completion for a package

Hello, I was able to add the micronaut cli to GitHub - moaxcp/nur: nix user repository. I would like to add the bash completion. Are there any easy examples of how to do this? Once this is done and working I plan on adding it to nixpkgs.

If I am not mistaken, the project already has bash completions here.

There is a comment in the top of that file that basically says that you should copy this to $out/etc/bash-completion.d (in your installPhase).

This does require that something sources the file from that location (during shell initialization).

The better approach might be to copy the completion file to $out/share/bash-completion/completions under the name of the command for which it provides completion (mn?) and then rely on the user having installed bash-completion which dynamically loads completions from that folder.

You can use the installShellFiles setup hook that’s available in Nixpkgs master. Search for installShellFiles in the manual.


It does have completion but I want to install it when a user adds the package to their system.

Thanks! I will try this when I get the chance.

I was able to fix this using installShellFiles. Thanks for the help!

Do you have a poiter to how you resolved this?