Adding scripts to path with home-manager

I have bunch of scripts in a repo and I would like to add them to my path with home-manager, I found and followed this comment*, the home profile built without issues, but the scripts aren’t installed on the system. I do plan to switch to flakes but I do not have time for that right now, so I’m looking for a solution without them

*Used pkgs.fetchgit in home.packages

Are the scripts executable?

Yeah, they are

And are they linked from your ~/.nix-profile/bin?

Idk what you mean by that. But they are not there. Just to make it more clear, this is how I tried to fetch them:

I noticed that there is a builtin function called fetchGit so I used it instead, and it worked

I’m sorry, but I have a follow up question. It now pulls the scripts, but only once(?), I fixed a mistake in one of them, pushed the changes to the repo, switched to a new profile and even updated the channels (and switched again), but it did not pull the new version.

Thats because you use the builtin, it uses a local cache, and won’t refetch for the next hour. And on top of that, if you use sha256, it will never refetch, as long as it has the sha in the store.

In my opinion, using fetchFromGitHub with explicit tag/commit-sha1 and the corresponding sha256 would be prefered, even though it requires some additional work on a version bump.

Ah, okay. Thanks for the info