Adding spinneret to quicklisp-to-nix-systems.txt

Hi all,

I’m trying to update the nyxt pkg in a local tree. The newer 2.2.0 tag has a dependency on the quicklist system spinneret which seems to be having difficulties figuring out how to get that integration fixed up.

After some mangling, I’m trying to figure out why quicklisp-to-nix is failing. The docs suggest using quicklisp-to-nix-system-info to figure out why the system is failing to install.

Here goes:

nix-shell --pure --run 'quicklisp-to-nix-system-info  --verbose spinneret'
[ a few lines removed ]
Compiler SBCL 2.1.2.nixos
; Fetching #<URL "">
; 356.79KB
365,350 bytes in 0.02 seconds (16217.60KB/sec)
; Fetching #<URL "">
; 482.50KB
494,076 bytes in 0.02 seconds (19300.62KB/sec)
Discarding version information (VERSION METATILITIES-BASE 0.6.0)
WARNING: Discarding version information (VERSION METATILITIES-BASE 0.6.0)
Failed to extract system info. Details are below. Run with --debug and/or --verbose for more info.
overwriting old FUN-INFO
                  :NAME NUMERIC-CHAR=
                  :ARG-TYPES ((:CONSTANT . CHARACTER)
                              (:OR #<PRIMITIVE-TYPE :NAME CHARACTER>))
                  :RESULT-TYPES ((:OR
                                    :NAME SB-VM::UNSIGNED-BYTE-64>
                                    :NAME SB-VM::UNSIGNED-BYTE-63>
                                    :NAME SB-VM::POSITIVE-FIXNUM>))
                  :LTN-POLICY :FAST-SAFE
                  :COST 1
                  :NOTE "inline constant numeric-char="
                  :INFO-ARG-COUNT 1>)>
; compilation unit aborted
;   caught 1 fatal ERROR condition

And here I kinda am getting lost. It looks like FUN-INFO is being overwitten and failing. Any ideas? Am I totally headed in the wrong direction?

its something to do with parasitic systems


into *blacklisted-parasites* in system-info.lisp seemingly works, but I don’t know what happens if nyxt starts using the parastitic bits.

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Thanks, this seems to indeed fix the spinneret problem and allows us to update quicklisp and nyxt: quicklispPackages: 2021-10-21 -> 2021-12-09 by sternenseemann · Pull Request #151221 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub