Additively include a Vim plugin within a `devShell`?


I’m interested in creating a devShell that additively includes a Vim plugin when the shell is entered.

If the user already has an existing, personally configured Vim installation, I’d like for the devShell to retain their existing configuration.


I’m looking to achieve this for the vim-tidal Vim plugin included with my tidalcycles.nix flake.

The plugin adds some useful live-coding functionality for interacting with GHCi and SuperCollider, but I’d like to keep my existing, personal Vim configuration when I enter a devShell that includes this plugin.

Any advice on how I might achieve this would be greatly appreciated!

that’s what “set exrc” is for, you can write a .nvimrc that will be picked up by neovim user if he has the option enabled.
Otherwise you can in a shellHook add an alias or wrapper that load your config after the user one with nvim -c 'your viml code'