Adminer pkg doesn't include an executable?

This is unexpected for me since the docker image for it runs it as a web app.

The nix module is pretty simple nixpkgs/pkgs/servers/adminer/default.nix at a62e6edd6d5e1fa0329b8653c801147986f8d446 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub , but I’m not sure what runHook postInstall does.

There’s no systemd service for it (guess that would make it a nix config option, services), and it’s not executable in my /nix/store/*-adminer-4.8.1

I’d expect more people use this as a web app/executable than a lib. It’s unclear to me how I should run it since I don’t work in the php ecosystem.

After searching around, I can

cd /nix/store/*adminer-4.8.1
nix-shell -p php --command 'php -S localhost:8000' 
open localhost:8000/adminer.php