All nix commands throw segfault

Hello, I’m having same issue as this user had few months ago.
This morning I woke my laptop from sleep, my screen locker (swaylock) didn’t allow any input (this has happened to me before), so I pressed the shutdown button (not holding it), the laptop shut down gracefully, but after booting, all my nix commands started throwing segfault, eg.:

$ nix --version
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  nix --version

I have no idea what to do, I booted into live ISO, ran fsck (no errors reported), mounted my drives, ran nixos-install (no error, it installed just fine) but even that did not help.
Right now I wiped my root partition and completely reinstalled nix, hoping it was somehow a corruption in the store, but the result is still the same.
What’s weird is that in the live ISO, if I mount my drives & nix-enter, all of the nix commands work perfectly…

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Have you tried verifying the store to see if anything’s corrupted?

The nix-store --verify command also segfaults.

I mean in the installer :wink:

I’ve tried verify in the installer and everything seemed fine. I managed to get a solution from someone over at matrix, the problem was lqx kernel. Switching to regular kernel fixed my problem.


This happened to me too lately, for the second time. Last time (about a year ago) I believe it was also the lqx kernel. It seems a bit funky that a kernel can cause this kind of issue, and even more funky that only(???) nix is affected? (Could that mean that it’s still a bug in nix (e.g. a race condition or similar) that only manifests itself for certain kernel “optimisations”?)

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