Alt-tab behaviour with tofi

Hey everyone, I have a sway set up and I’m looking to emulate some version of alt – tab. I am currently using tofi for my launcher.

I’ve been looking at a number of solutions, but many of them are dated, or not exactly what I’m looking for. Just thought I would check in here in case anyone has something that can fulfil this.

Thanks a ton!

I also tried rofi for a while but opted for alttab eventually, it is pretty configurable.
(Oh just realized you’re using wayland, not sure how X11-dependent alttab is)

form what I read, very. :slight_smile:

Perhaps elaborate what you tried, and why those are unsuitable? Otherwise we’d end up suggesting things you already tried.

  • sway-alttab
  • just trying rofi with the -show window option (best so far) (drops tofi then). But still is awkward.
  • Custom python script, but it was a pain to package