Alternative for Remmina (RDP client) packaged for NixOS

Hello Nix community.

Recently I started using Remmina since I often need some graphical applications running on a cloud VM Debian/Ubuntu with XRDP server. I had the same need a few years ago when I still used Debian/Ubuntu on my PC (obviously now it’s NixOS) and I remember that performance/behavior of Remmina was better. The problem I see is that if there is an application that somehow animates the whole screen then Remmina tries to re-draw the whole screen which makes it really slow. I didn’t have the same issue a few years ago since the client was clever enough to make the moving parts blurry so the application was still usable - didn’t have lags when you were typing on keyboard.

Do you know about any alternative RDP clients packaged for NixOS?

Thank you.

KRDC works for me, although I had to work around an issue where it wasn’t scaling the remote screen properly (not a Nix issue, an upstream one), so if you run into that a Google for KRDC screen scaling should find you the fix.

Thank you @chrism , I was hoping for any other recommendation since I know KRDC and it’s the worse from UX perspective :wink: . But if it works faster, it might be the only option :wink: . Thank you.

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