Alternative to readPathsFromFile (nixpkgs.lib.strings)


I was running off an overlay for gtk3-classic (a quilt patchset on top of upstream GTK3), when I saw the deprecation warning. Looking at the blame it’s been deprecated for a couple years, however the commit doesn’t give much for an alternative (use a list?). Curious if anyone has a drop-in replacement for this function?

e.g. overlay I’m using it in for context

         overlays = [ (self: super: {
            # GTK3-classic
            gtk3 = super.overrideAttrs (old: {
               patches = old.patches ++ (
                  inherit (finalAttrs) version;
                    src = fetchFromGitHub {
                      owner = "lah7";
                      repo = "gtk3-classic";
                      rev = version;
                      sha256 = "sha256-dJ1cGTJwJph/+CPxsBz17Z3zi/FbHeGyD5aN2w0jCjo=";
               in lib.strings.readPathsFromFile (builtins.path {
                  path = src;
                  name = "gtk3-classic-patches";
                  filter = (path: type:
                     (type == "regular") &&
                     (lib.hasSuffix ".patch" path)
               }) (src + "/series"));


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