ALVR can't launch SteamVR - steam.desktop is not executable

I’m trying to play SteamVR games on my Oculus Quest 2 using ALVR. I’ve got ALVR and Steam enabled in my configuration.nix:

programs.alvr.enable = true;
programs.alvr.openFirewall = true;

programs.steam.enable = true;

I can launch ALVR fine, and SteamVR launches fine through the Steam launcher. However, ALVR has to launch SteamVR itself in order to function properly. When it tries to do so, I get this error:


steam.desktop isn’t executable, and (unsurprisingly) the KIO client can’t make it executable.

How can I fix this?


It’s not supposed to be an executable either, .desktop files are just text files with metadata.

I’ve not used ALVR before. Do you select the file to execute in a menu somewhere? If so, read that .desktop file and give it the path (and arguments) the .desktop executes instead.

ALVR wants to open SteamVR…

When you press the button, this happens:

When you try to “Continue” you get the above error message:

Unable to make the service Steam executable, aborting execution.

Existing file /home/omega/.local/share/applications/steam.desktop is not writable.

But you still can run SteamVR manually in Steam!

ALVR can’t connect to SteamVR if it is launched through steam. I’m not sure what’s different about the two methods, but that’s how it’s done.

Ah, I always wondered how this is working. When I had ALVR running and manually ran SteamVR, then SteamVR kind of detected my Oculus Quest, but I couldn’t run any VR app and nothing showed up on the Oculus Quest… :thinking: