Am I supposed to append default vale of trusted-public-keys and substituters when using Haskell.nix?

I’m trying to set up CI for my Stack project using GitHub Actions, Haskell.nix, and Cachix.

Haskell.nix - Getting Started guides to set trusted-public-keys and substituters to some specific value.

But if do that I get two problems.

  • Cachix won’t install because it doesn’t exist in Haskell.nix repository.
  • When I build my Stack project some non-haskell packages gets built whereas it would have hit cache if it had used default repository.

So I assign both default and Haskell.nix value for each keys. (I found default values from nix.conf doc.

Am I supposed to do that or will it break something that somehow would results in unnecessary endless builds which is what I’m experiencing now?