AMD GPUs and modesetting config in unstable

Current guidance is to use services.xserver.videoDrivers = [ “modesetting” ]; for AMD GPUs (instead of “amdgpu”)

Does this impact anything else such as kernel modules, OpenGL and OpenCL and are there different or additional settings when using modesetting?

This is news to me, although I don’t set anything explicitly here so I’m not even sure what’s being used.

So I cannot remember the source which went into a little detail, but I have found this in the 23.05 release notes:

  • services.xserver.videoDrivers now defaults to the modesetting driver over device-specific ones. The radeon , amdgpu and nouveau drivers are still available, but effectively unmaintained and not recommended for use.

I note that amdgpu-pro is not in the list, but the open drivers often seem more efficient in many cases (as tested by Phoronix).

I’m having issues with folding at home GPU use (it has often been a bit flaky for me in using opencl), and I’m trying to ensure I have a config that it at least “standard” to help debugging…