And My Axe... Desirous to help with Documentation

Hey there!

I am interested in learning Nix and NixOS, and I have started contributing to NixOS Documentation already. While I might be able to help with smaller improvements by means of contributing issues and pull requests, it seems to me that there are greater challenges and opportunities.

I would like to make myself available to help hone the documentation of these projects into something more ergonomic, meaningful, and ultimately helpful.

Nix is obviously something somewhat new. Hats off to the technical engineers and artists who have been able to pull off what has been accomplished so far. It seems like the few have been able to build this new technology in a kind of brilliant chaos we can only hope to see in the most ambitious technical projects.

However as the project stabilizes and aims for a period where reach might take a bigger priority, I think documentation and standardization may have a bigger role to play. (Probably a lot of work is going into this already; I have just discovered and I’m anxious to learn all I can there.)

I feel like I can make a significant contribution in this area. How can I get started?


If you’re a strategist, you should become a member of the docs team, if you’re a good strategist, I heard the lead is freeing up.

Hi @HapticBovine, it’s great to hear that you want to help!
I would definitely like to hear more about what you have in mind.

As @blaggacao mentioned, the team is a bit in flux at the moment.
If you want to start the next meeting is tomorrow at 17:30 CET.
I’ll be there but I am also a beginner, and I am not sure that too many others will be joining.

Two links, on the second you can find the meeting:

All the best and hope to see you tomorrow!


I might also be interested in helping/joining the documentation team.
I was very disappointed about the “Parted from documentation”, as I considered a good and fastly improving source of informantion. I was only puzzled, why I did need any mention of flakes
But ats 17:45 I am just leaving the train in Bruxells, therefore I will be unable to participate to todays
Are there more people coming to FOSDEM? If yes we could try to fix a in person meeting just before or after the nixos dev room…


Thanks for the invite!

It was fun going over the state of things.

Is there ownership at some level for things like branding, SEO, i18n, web vitals?

I will probably ask a lot of questions, feel free to ignore or tell me to “Go fish!”

Go hunt a fellow bovine @

Branding → Marketing Team
SEO → Marketing / Docs shared ownership?
i18n → Docs Team?
web vitals → emergency room (Doc team?)

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Rofl’d on the “emergency room”, they are not that bad for the most part, on the homepage at least :smiley: