ANN: Eris, a simple binary cache server

Hello *,

Happy NixCon 2018 to all! Though I unfortunately couldn’t make it this year, I’m happy to announce a release a small project of mine at the same time, named Eris – a simple, easy-to-use binary cache for any system running Nix:

The intention of writing this was that I wanted a cache which was a bit more configurable and usable than the venerable nix-serve, easier than a raw S3 bucket – yet not as complex as setting up a full-blown Hydra instance, for local office and (authenticated) remote deployments.

There is extensive documentation[1] on how to use it in the readme file, which should more-or-less outline everything you might want to know for signing, authentication, and deploying it.

There is also a full demonstration I’ve outlined, using and CloudFlare to deploy a cache with cheap (read: free) egress bandwidth, so you only pay for storage and compute cycles:

I hope this is useful to others in the event they need a simple cache server to integrate with their deployment setup. Please feel free to file bugs and feature requests; there are surely a few things I’ve missed.

[1] There is only a small amount of code, which was pretty easy to write, but writing all the documentation took a while! And “well documented” has historically been one of our weaker points, so I wanted to address that. :slight_smile: