Announcing - First NixCon North America!

Excited to announce the first-ever NixCon in North America! This event, born from an idea we first explored together (Exploring the Possibility of NixCon North America), is now set to become a reality.

Let’s quickly set expectations! This will be an exploration of the concept and we are also working to pull it off in a very short period of time so please bear with us and share feedback as we go! <3

Event Details:

  • Date: March 14th and 15th
  • Location: Co-locating with SCaLE in Pasadena, CA (Southern California Linux Expo)
  • Focus: A blend of workshops and talks catering to users of a variety of skills levels, with workshops particularly focused on beginner topics.
  • Mission: To strengthen the Nix community in North America and foster collaboration and learning among users and contributors.
  • Tickets - Purchase a SCALE Pass. NixCon is included among many other great events and SCaLE itself!

What to Expect:

  • Dedicated workshops, perfect for beginners to get their hands dirty and learn the basics of Nix.
  • Talks and sessions catering to a variety of skill levels, focusing on the latest developments and best practices in Nix.
  • An opportunity for both beginners and seasoned practitioners to mingle, exchange ideas, and inspire each other.
  • Unconference time - Arrive, pitch a topic, get space to present it and brainstorm!

Call for Participation:

We are in the process of forming the organizing team and are actively seeking volunteers (Initial Discussion Minutes - October 18, 2023). Whether you are experienced in event planning or new to the community and eager to contribute, your help is needed. Especially if you are in the LA region or are able to arrive a few days before the event!

Upcoming Announcements:

  • Call for Papers (CFP): We encourage submissions from all corners of the Nix community. Look out for the upcoming CFP announcement.
  • Sponsorships: We invite organizations to support this landmark event. Information about sponsorship opportunities will be available soon.

We envisage NixCon North America as a complement to the core NixCon in Europe, enriching the global Nix community through more localized events. This event is not just a conference; it’s a celebration of our growth, diversity, and the shared passion for Nix.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts, participated in the survey, and volunteered to make this dream a reality. Stay tuned for more details, and I hope to see many of you in Pasadena next March!

A bit more details
This event is a community-driven effort. We began with a survey to gauge interest and preferences which you can view here (NixCon North America Exploratory Survey).
The choice to co-locate with SCaLE is a strategic decision that enables us to both leverage their experience and all the organization behind the event for next year. (Allowing us to focus on the Nix!)

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Hey everyone! It’s time for some details on the Call for Proposals for NixCon NA 2024. We invite you to share your work on projects using Nix/NixOS and introduce new Nix users to the community.

The conference will consist of two days:

  • Day 1: Workshops. We’d like this to be an opportunity for new users and the Nix-curious alike to gain valuable experience using Nix to solve their problems. This is also an opportunity to get help and advice from experienced Nix users, which can be incredibly helpful when you’re getting started with Nix. Workshops will be 90-minutes each, and we plan to have multiple workshops running in parallel so that there’s a wide variety of topics for attendees to choose from at any point in time.
  • Day 2: Talks. What’s a conference without talks? Talks will be given in a single track, and each talk will be 25 minutes. Again, we’d like this event to be accessible for those with little or no Nix experience, so we welcome introductory level talks that teach or explain Nix concepts that new Nix users struggle with.

As part of the submission process you will indicate whether you’re submitting a proposal for a talk or a workshop. You are welcome to make as many submissions as you like to either or both categories.

Also, even though we want to make the event beginner friendly, advanced technical talks and workshops are still welcome!

You can submit your proposals at the following link: NixCon NA 2024 - CFP


Amazing stuff! Well done!



Excited!! I will try my best to attend it.


Hi Everyone,

Planning to show up. Submitted a talk.

Cant wait to meet all of you.


Thank you @ron for this reminder. I just picked up a SCALE Pass and look forward to attending in March!

I work in LA and would like to volunteer for this event, if I can be of any service. How should I get in touch with the event planning team?


Can you join the Matrix group here -

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Just got my tickets. Excited!


oh very exciting! I’m hoping to attend this year, I don’t know for sure yet whether I’ll be able to but it sounds awesome!


This gets me so excited. I’ll be there, already got my tickets!


We are doing a quick organizer/volunteer all hands today! Please join if you want and can help make NixCon North America more amazing! <3
Launch Meeting - Zoom

We need three additional folks to help lead/volunteer:

  1. Swag - help create the design/print (we have a budget in place already :slight_smile: )
  2. Marketing/socials - help draft massages or organize the drafting of massages to post up through the event in collaboration with the other teams
  3. Create the NixCon North America landing page in the nixcon domain

Reach out here/matrix!

:wave: We held an All Hands on 12/20 to kickoff planning for this event - summary here:

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