NixCon North America Update - Two Weeks to Go!

The first ever NixCon in North America is kicking off in exactly two weeks!
The initial announcement can be found here - Announcing - First NixCon North America! - Announcements - NixOS Discourse

TL;DR - Thought it will be 40 people. Crossed 250. If you’re interested to take part or volunteer on the ground let us know! If you have thoughts or feedback on the survey for NixCon NA, let us know! If you have extra large coffee containers, let us know!
Are there questions you’d like to ask the attendees at this event? Potentially a newer to Nix audience?

As we approach the two-week countdown to NixCon North America, we wanted to share some key updates and insights into how things are developing!

Back in September, when we first floated the idea of a NixCon in North America, we imagined a small-scale meet-up as a dry run to see how things will go. It’s been incredibly and positively surprising, from that initial concept to now, having over 250 individuals registered to join us! It will be an interesting event as we approach it both in an effort to showcase Nix, teach and introduce but also become more familiar with our amazing community this side of the globe!

So, what’s in store?
We wanted to try out a new format, putting a larger emphasis on the potential attendance of newer to Nix folks for the first day with a set of workshops that go from intro to advanced.

For those planning their schedules, the event will kick off with a series of workshops. Tom Bereknyei @tomberek and Rok Garbas @garbas will start us off with a “Quick” Introduction to Nix, designed to provide a solid foundation for both newcomers and seasoned users. Following this, we have sessions led by Jacec, @djacu, Ryan Trinkle, and @Ericson2314 , covering various topics. You can find the full schedule for these workshops at SCALE 21x - NixCon US. One of the areas for onsite volunteering is to be a workshop mentor, walking around the attendees to help unblock/answer questions!

The subsequent day will only have seven talks, leaving the afternoon for an unconference setup, offering a platform for more spontaneous discussions and community exchanges. Mainly as we want to make it as flexible as possible to match the level of conversations that will interest the attendees.

Lot’s of appreciation to the sponsors and the group that are magically making this happen with such a short amount of time and such a large community response!
@rossturk @ksaunders1 @tomberek @zmitchell @irabinovitch @djacu Linda Soranos @sarcasticadmin Joshua Van Asakinda @proofconstruction @bjth @garbas @furioncycle @davidnuon

And finally, lots of thanks to the SCALE organizers who we are colocating with and have been helping make this happen with us throughout the entire process.

For more details about the event, including the full list of talks and workshops, visit our website at