Announcing home-manager template


This is small project I made to help people quickly get started with home-manager in a more reproducible way. It is called “home-manager template”.


home-manager is a great way to manage user-specific configuration (“dotfiles”) in a reproducible way. This template takes reproducibility another step by making it so you do not need to install home-manager to use it, and do not need to install home-manager configuration files in a specific place.

Also, since this uses niv to pin nixpkgs and home-manager, you do not need nixpkgs on your path and can be sure the build will be the same on any computer.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or improvement suggestions.

Ryan Mulligan


Good idea!

One thing you could so is make it a template repository. In the repo settings:
This will add a new button to the repo:


Thanks, I’ve enabled the template setting!

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Is this supposed to replace home-manager in the future, or is this a lightweight alternative?

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It isn’t a replacement at all, just a different way to get started using it.

Thanks a lot for doing this! Having a concise, clear template has been the only thing preventing me from getting coworkers to try it out. Many thanks