Announcing, a Nix equivalent of the CNCF landscape

I’m happy to announce, a daughter project of, aiming to map the various Nix and Nix adjacent projects, and make them easier for beginners to discover.

The project is based on landscape2, the upcoming rust version of the CNCF landscape, of which we maintain our own fork with some changes GitHub - nixlang-wiki/landscape2: Landscape2 is a tool that generates interactive landscapes websites.

While the project is still early in its development cycle, it’s no longer in its infancy, and we believe that most people should be able to contribute additions to the landscape at this point, and if not, we’ll gladly receive issues with suggestions and see what we can do at GitHub - nixlang-wiki/nixos-landscape: The Landscape of NixOS and associated projects.

We hope to see your contributions, and can’t wait to see how the landscape will look once it gets filled out.


Question, can we add blogs, contents, agencies, or only projects?

My list of content in MindMap is too long, I think the landscape is a better tool for it. :wink:


Now we have a Matrix room for it.

Listed almost all nix-community projects, more than 100 projects :star_struck:
Thanks @cafkafk for the revision.

To do: Include help, categorize ‘others’. Help/hint/suggestions wanted.


cant access the site getting ssl errors, created a github issue