Announcing nix-output-monitor 2.0

Fellow nixers,

I am proud to present to you the 2.0 release of the nix-output-monitor.

The most important change is that nom now can process json build logs produced by nix. This has many advantages, but most notably means support for new-style nix commands like nix build and therefore also full flake support. Also, you can now see running downloads and uploads in the build graph rendered by nom.

It looks for example like this:

See the full changelog if you are curious.

You can try nom 2.0 by installing pkgs.nix-output-monitor from a fresh nixos-unstable. Try running nom build in a project of your choice, or have a look at the readme on how to use nom.

I am always looking for feedback of any kind. Programming nom is fun, so I am always interested in good feature requests.

Next on my roadmap is e.g. better download progress reporting, and improved build duration prediction. Also, I would love to have better integration with other tools like nix-direnv, nixpkgs-review or simply nixos-rebuild. I am slightly uncertain as to how to approach that the best way.

Happy building,


Just wanted to say Iā€™m a big fan of the new wave of pretty cli tools and this one is beautiful :slight_smile:

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