Another local package building question (webkitgtk)

these 2 paths will be fetched (1.54 MiB download, 10.07 MiB unpacked):
don't know how to build these paths:
building '/nix/store/nkb6s92nmv2cc57js4af8d4x38xb19wa-webkitgtk-2.36.3.drv'...
unpacking sources
unpacking source archive /nix/store/65kl305q2jvacnaxm05j92305ivsb3z1-webkitgtk-2.36.3.tar.xz

So, maybe I hit the sweet spot while it’s not deployed to hydra yet or something. But now nixos-rebuild wants to build webkitgtk-2.36.3.

Weird thing is, latest built webkitgtk for linux64 has a different hash: Hydra - Build 182157477 of job nixos:release-22.05:nixpkgs.webkitgtk.x86_64-linux and as far as I know, I don’t have any customization for this package :thinking:

Can anyone help me understand why my system is trying to build it?

Nevermind now it is fetching from hydra:

these 9 paths will be fetched (37.42 MiB download, 181.32 MiB unpacked):

This package should be a blocker I assume, considering what a cpu smasher it is… Anyway :beer: