Another Moment of Awesome - nixpkgs top 10

I am sure many have seen it, but I wanted to stop for a second and recognize how awesome this is.
Applauding our entire community! The state of open source software | The State of the Octoverse (


The text along side it is pretty bad though :sweat_smile: home-assistant has backing from Nabu Casa who actually make some money now from their gateway service, Blue and Yellow boards, the upcoming Zigbee & Matter stick

Arguably NixOS is the only one that doesn’t see significant backing from a company. The NixOS foundation just receives donations and sponsorships but doesn’t sell anything.


But hey, maybe Nix swag sales will blow up? :wink:


Well, “official” nix swag when?
I’m aware of the redbubble store but not having the account name nix or nixos is likely a deterrent.
It’s not instantly obvious proceeds make it to the NixOS Foundation.

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I believe someone brought it up in the Marketing Team discussions.

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