Any example of shared-builds use case from

Quoting from, under Why Nix?

Nix allows to easily share build results across machines. 
If the CI has built the project, developers or servers can 
download the build results instead of re-building the same thing.

Any example of how to achieve this shared build results ?

I’m currently trying to build a development build-server and I’m exploring Nix in order to create a reproducible development environment. So far we’ve been using asdf but using Nix seems like a much better aproach to having the exact same environment.

Somehow I just visited the webpage I quoted above and got interested in that particular sentence of never having to re-build the exact same sources if they have already been built somewhere else. Any pointers?

Haven’t use it because I don’t need a remote build cache right now, but sounds like a good example. Cachix

I think the core thing you’re looking for is whats usually called “binary caches” around here. I can’t say much because I haven’t set it up myself.

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