Any resources for learning about NixOps development?

I would be interested in implementing a Hetzner Cloud integration for NixOps.
But so far I could not find any documentation that explains the structure of the NixOps repo or describes what exact functionality I would have to implement when writing a new backend.

I tried copying and modifying code from other files, but that is really cumbersome and quite confusing.

So are there any resources for new people like me who are trying to get into the development of NixOps? Or any way of learning about how I can extend NixOps?



Recently, nixops backends got exposed as plugins and moved to different repositiories.
Considering the tree has hetzner tests, seems like it already has a backend.

Ah thanks I did not know about the other repositories.

About Hetzner: NixOps does support their services with physical servers and I assume that is what those tests you mentioned are for. However, their cloud services for virtual servers are not yet supported but that is what I need and might try to implement.

There is also a nixops thread about Hetzner Cloud.