Any way to cross reference outdated packages from repology with my installed packages?

It could be useful to know which packages I use that are outdated.

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That needs some further explanation of what you consider “installed”.
Are you talking about…

  • /nix/store paths (including older generations)?
  • Packages in environment.systemPackages?
  • Packages referenced somewhere in /run/current-system?
  • Packages installed through “nix-env -i”?

Also, what do you consider “outdated”?

  • Newer version available in your current channel
  • Newer version available in the current release-XX.XX channel
  • Newer version available in nixpkgs-unstable
  • Any distro (e.g. Arch) has a newer version
  • Unsupported package version by upstream

There’s a bot that tries to keep nixpkgs up to date (see for example the pull request 79332). Depending on your needs that could be a good starting point.