Any way to get vulkan on intel i915?

I wanted to run (just the gauges panel as slave) of X-Plane 12 on my nixos laptop like I did with XP11, but since OpenGL was dropped I need vulkan. I saw that Arch has a mesa driver for it, is there a way to get this on nixos too?
(For the rest it used to work fine on XP11 with steam-run, out of the box even…)

It’s already in the mesa drivers, you don’t need a separate package for it:

$ nix-build '<nixpkgs>' -A mesa.drivers
$ tree result-drivers/lib/
├── d3d
├── dri
├── vdpau
├── ->
├── ->
├── ->
├── ->
├── ****
├── ->
├── ->

I think vulkan comes with opengl drivers: just set this, if you haven’t already:

hardware.opengl.enable = true;
hardware.opengl.driSupport = true;

To confirm that the driver is installed and working try running this demo:

nix-shell -p vulkan-tools --run vkcube

Turns out I already had it (driSupport is true by default), vkcube works, but X-Plane 12 doesn’t (complains about “no vulkan”). So I guess it’s something deeper driver related… (It works on my desktop correctly reporting AMD RADV NAVI10)

It’s probably some vulkan extension that isn’t implemented yet, the mesa matrix says support is around 70% for the intel driver.

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Hi !

I had the same problem on my computer. X-Plane 11 works very well, but not X-Plane 12.
Unfortunately, the 12 version does not support Intel GPUs, as said in the requirements page.