Anyone running both Mullvad and Tailscale (both Wireguard)?

I’m new to Wireguard and am trying to run two wireguard services, Mullvad and Tailscale. I want Mullvad to handle all my outgoing web browsing, and Tailscale to handle all my personal device-to-device connections.

However they’re interfering with each other in a way don’t understand. Does anyone have a config for this I could take a look at?

Hi, I just got this working.

❯ mullvad version
Current version: 2022.1
	Is supported: true
	Suggested update: 2022.4
	Latest stable version: 2022.4

❯ tailscale version
  go version: go1.19.1
  1. allow the tailscale daemon to bypass the VPN

    mullvad split-tunnel pid add (pgrep tailscaled)
  2. SSH through tailscale

    sudo mullvad-exclude ssh remoteuser@remotetailscaleip
    • without sudo I get a couple errors

      Cannot set the cgroup
      Caused by: Permission denied (os error 13)