Anyone running Firefox Developer Edition on Wayland?

The only version of the developer edition I can find is the pkgs.firefox-devedition-bin. But this doesn’t let me customize it so that it runs under wayland. I’m also not aware of any -wayland edition of the developer edition.

But the Wiki states that firefox-wayland and friends are the way to go

pkgs/top-level/all-packages.nix defines firefox-wayland as wrapFirefox firefox-unwrapped { forceWayland = true; };, so you could try using pkgs.wrapFirefox pkgs.firefox-devedition-bin-unwrapped { forceWayland = true; };

That’s what I tried. Sorry I really should have added that to my post but somehow forgot.

The following fails with an error:

  programs.firefox = {
    enable = true;
    package = pkgs.wrapFirefox pkgs.firefox-devedition-bin-unwrapped {
      forceWayland = true;
      extraPolicies = {
        ExtensionSettings = { };
builder for '/nix/store/yn8vnpmpd1n5wi0ggaviwrsszda68mb4-firefox-devedition-bin-unwrapped-85.0b6.drv' failed with exit code 1; last 1 log lines:
  cannot find executable file `/nix/store/7y741p4b58rrahb401vl1kqbl32qwjgj-firefox-devedition-bin-unwrapped-85.0b6/bin/firefox-devedition-bin-unwrapped'

I could probably use the raw wrapper.nix that is used to create wrapFirefox but that seems like a brittle solution.

The only thing needed to run Firefox under Wayland, for a very long time now, regardless of edition, is to set MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND. And if you look at the source fro firefox-wayland, you’ll see it’s merely a wrapper that sets MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND.

$ env | grep MOZ_ | grep WAYLAND

$ nix build github:colemickens/nixcfg#pkgs.x86_64-linux.firefox-devedition-bin

$ ./result/bin/firefox-devedition

about:support -> "Window Protocol" -> "wayland"

I see then I’ll update the Wiki since it seems most of it is outdated. I’ll also have to figure out what it actually means to know you’re on wayland